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August is the new weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend? Run errands? Mow the lawn or go for a family get together? Date with your spouse? Netflix? Day off? What is it?

Whatever it may be, here’s something that I need you to realize. THIS month, is your chance to get ahead 90% of your competition. I want you to look at August as a weekend. Let’s take it this way.

What is our mindset as the weekend hits? We’re tired, we wanna have fun, we wanna hang out, we wanna celebrate the payday and the half-year struggling through schools, colleges and jobs, and what not. In short, weekends are a ‘chill’ time of the week and August is no different. This is the time of the month when there are a maximum vacation leave applications. And you can actually use this to your advantage in multiple ways! Let’s discuss a few.


Here’s one way to look at this: Because, well, no doubt, everyone needs breaks. Maybe you’ve worked your a** off the past half-year and simply feel the urge to regain your inner peace and inner self. This can be done in multiple ways! Spending quality time with your family, going to a meditation camp, going someplace with friends or family or just enjoying the monsoon with a warm tea and your favourite book. It can be anything that makes you feel like you’re ready to conquer the remaining half-year. And of course, a quality break is what defines your upcoming work ethic. Chilling and putting your inner self together is a great option but there’s something more you could do about this month. Read on, you’ll know.



Alright, so you haven’t worked your face off this whole year? Chances are, YES. No worries, this is more natural than it is supposed to be. There can be two reasons why you feel this way.

  1. You haven’t really done jack sh*t the past half-year and promise yourself to do it every day, but don’t.
  2. You’ve done enough, but feel you could do better or achieve more. (This is the best kind of feeling and most of you belong here.)

Although you might feel like you don’t belong to the #1 spot, but you’ve all done fabulously this year. It’s just that you don’t realize it because there’s so much you have to do that is remaining and other people have told you that you haven’t done sh*t. That’s not true. What I exactly mean by scratching your own itch is that you realize that you need to do more and you actually do something about it. It itches, it itches to you that you need to do something but you just don’t get to the starting point. Maybe because your parents said it won’t work, maybe you procrastinate or maybe you just don’t do it for weird reasons and excuses. If you’re reading this, all I’m asking you to do, is to actually DO something about it and scratch your itch that says ‘I wanna do something but I ain’t’.

It might be literally anything, not only starting your own business or putting in money into Facebook Ads, but anything. It can be finally starting your dance classes, it can be finally being able to complete that unread book, it might be to get a buff or a six-pack, whatever it may be, THIS is your time of the year when you, can shamelessly scratch your own itch and do something about yourself.



Just skip the break and the beer and work! While all your friends’ party and chill, while everyone is on vacation to some beach or a food destination, work on yourself, develop yourself and race them ahead! By the time you all get back onto the same marathon track, you’re already far ahead of the rush and far ahead from where you initially began. So keep it low, no need to party yet, leave that for the Christmas break. The main key I’m trying to get across here is work while they sleep. Understanding this notion does not take a lot. Just realize that there is something you always blame yourself for and when you have the time to work on that particular self-dev area, you lack the determination and lose.


And here is how you can make all of this better: Get along with like-minded people (people with similar intentions) and do your thing. Whether it’s chilling from the tiredness or hustling your a** off.

Have a relaxing yet productive August!

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