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There have been a handful of those moments in my life when a few people have looked down on me. They told me things like- “Hey bro, I got you you know in case you need anything, I’ll arrange it for you”. And of course, this wasn’t always said in the best intentions. Most of the time, it was said as a pitiful sentence- which often looked down on me. It- Almost like an insult.

However, something in me never bothered. And today, I wanna share those two things that made me not bother shit about what they had to say.

1. Pride in Money

Out of the 100% of people, 60% of those I know who have enormous pride in their money- more than themselves, lose. Not today but someday- when they’ll need it the most. Well, why does this happen?

It’s because of the changing tendencies and corrupt intentions behind making it. In other words, not being humble about it but using the same (wealth) to try to make the other person feel degraded. Sadly, this is the society we live in- and it’s just not a specific country, it’s the same in the whole damn world. However, I see people like you & me (who are reading this) lucky, as the majority of the world is filled by these cocky, unhumbled pricks. These chaps don’t realize that they’re showing away more of how shallow and loud they are in their heads more evidently than degrading a man/woman of lower financial standards.

Money has absolutely nothing to do with who you are as a person but on the literal contrary, it has everything to do with how you mold your intentions towards certain things. Becoming rich, comes with a responsibility far greater than that of any superhero you might have ever heard of. The responsibility is called humility.

I’ll conclude my point by quote a verse from my favorite rapper- Post Malone’s song, Enemies- “Money tend to show all their tendencies”.

2. The remaining 40%

40%? Do I, Akshat Gupta really have to worry about the 40% possessing the humble heart that I do? Nah, not one bit.

If I can keep the courage to crawl out of the previous 60%, these-40% are peanuts. Absolute peanuts. I still wouldn’t call them my friends or people with the same intentions as mine. They’re my competitors and I bloody am at a war of my life and my dreams.

You wanna make your dreams come through, you better fight with all that you’ve got in you. The 1%, has no place and neither do the remaining 99%. The person on the first place is as good as the person on the last in terms of their standing with the system. You gotta live outside the “race”. You gotta work hard, and build your own track, you gotta water on your grass and you gotta trim your own nails. You gotta stop competing with the “percentages”.

Because the people who come through with their full potential and intentions shan’t worry about their competition- because, they got none.

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